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OCD Media are experts with animation and explainer videos. Returning clients such as the NHS have entrusted OCD Media to handle high profile campaigns involving animation to communicate sensitive information effectively.

Animation/Motion Graphics Explainer videos can get your company found on Google and generate more leads. They are the best way to communicate dry content or complex products to your clients. Statistics, instructions or legal jargon can be made to shine via animation. Allowing the viewer to digest vast amounts of information in seconds.

All of our clients are delighted that we also bring their brand and logos to life with animated branded video intros, outs and calls to action.

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Logo and brand animation

We bring your branding and logos to life with animation. All of our videos feature an intro and outro tailor-made for your organisation.

NHS - Not Just A&E

Not Just A&E. OCD worked with the NHS to create video, digital and print content, promoting the ‘Not Just A&E’ campaign. Concepts were designed to be versatile, and have proved to be useful nationally from year to year, receiving great feedback.

The ‘Not Just A&E’ campaign designed to educate and inform the public to save A&E for when you really need it, initially had a challenging budget. With the clever use of motion graphics we were able to use print materials and voice to create an effective and powerful video.

This is a great example of our skills to tailor a video for any budget using limited content. Find out more on our campaigns page here NHS – Save A&E

NHS - Stay At Home

Stay At Home. Another NHS project, a video to support the seasonal challenges of the Norovirus. Once again motion graphics helped us tackle the challenging and sensitive subject matter.

Monaflex Tyre Vulcanisation Process

Monaflex, an engineering company specialising in tyre vulcanisation needed to communicate their unique process to an global audience of multiple languages.  OCD suggested animation. It worked perfectly. Both on their website and at exhibitions on large screens.

Our 5 Reasons To Choose Video

Video can be combined with animation with powerful results. OCD Media’s own promotional campaign ‘5 Reasons To Choose Video’ is a great example of how this combination can work.

Winchester University Prospectus Infographics

With challenging budget from Winchester University, OCD Media were able to utilise existing assets within their prospectus to create a short animated infographic video. This was used as part of a wider recruitment campaign to encourage relocation to Winchester and champion the area and working environment.

Saga Price Comparison

Saga Cruises are great value for money with so many things included in the price. This message was getting lost in print. This animated video cut through the usual print driven messaging and engaged current and new customers in a unique way.

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